A Philippines Pre-arranged Employment Visa (9g) is a working visa that allows employers/proprietors [in the Philippines] to employ foreign nationals with skills, qualifications and experience that may be short in supply in the Philippines


Foreign nationals who are proceeding to Philippines to engage in any lawful occupation, whether for wages or salary or other forms of compensation.


To avoid summary dismissal/delay in the processing of your application/petition, please be advised of the following:

  1. Enter legibly all the information required into the appropriate spaces on the form. If the information required is not applicable, please write “N/A”. Do not leave any item blank. Your answers must be in English and all entries must be in CAPITAL LETTERS using English characters only.
  2. The Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF) must be accomplished in two (2) ORIGINAL copies. The first copy shall be submitted together with all the documents pertaining to this application and the second copy is intended for application of Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card) to be submitted in a separate folder.
  3. All documents required for submission must be complied with, arranged in the order as listed in the Checklist of Documentary Requirements (CDR), compiled in a legal size (8½ x 14 in.) folder and shall be submitted within the prescribed period, if applicable.
  4. All sworn statements or affidavits must be original and duly notarized.
  5. All civil registry documents issued in the Philippines (i.e. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, etc.) must be original and issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  6. All foreign documents must be original and authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post (FSP), which has jurisdiction over the place of issuance, or by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) if said document is issued by the local Embassy in the Philippines, with English translation if written in other foreign language.
  7. If the application is filed by an authorized representative, attach a photocopy of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Accreditation Identification (ID) Certificate or an original Special Power of Attorney (SPA) for EACH applicant with a photocopy of a valid government-issued ID of attorney-in-fact.
  8. The original valid passport of the applicant must be submitted to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) personnel or concerned frontline officer for scanning. Thereafter, it shall be returned.
  9. If the applicant is joined by his/her unmarried children below twenty-one (21) years of age, submit all corresponding documentary requirements for EACH dependent. The applicant and/or petitioner must always bring his/her original passport and/or valid ID (if Filipino) upon evaluation or interview by Visa Officers.


Please read carefully the above-stated General Instructions before proceeding with the completion of the documentary requirements.

  1. Joint letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the applicant and the petitioner;
  2. Duly accomplished CGAF for Non-Immigrant Visa;
  3. Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay (at least 30 days from date of filing);
  4. Photocopy of Employment Contract, Secretary’s Certificate of Election, Appointment or Assignment of applicant, or equivalent document, with details of exact compensation, duration of employment and comprehensive description of the nature and scope of the applicant’s position in the company;
  5. Photocopy of petitioner’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with the corresponding proof of payment (official receipt, bank teller’s validation slip, BIR’s eFPS payment details’ print-out or other similar evidence);
  6. For Corporations or Partnerships, photocopies of the following: i.
    1. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Registration;
    2. Articles of Incorporation;
    3. General Information Sheet (GIS) for the current year stamped received by the SEC;
  7. For Single Proprietorships, photocopies of the following:
    1. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Certificate of Registration of Business Name;
    2. Mayor’s Permit;
  8. Photocopy of Alien Employment Permit (AEP) issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE); and actual publication of the applicant’s approved AEP or in the absence thereof, a Certificate of Publication issued by the Publisher;
  9. Notarized certification of number of foreign and Filipino employees from the petitioning company (preferred format can be downloaded at the BI website);
  10. Special Temporary Permit for an applicant practicing a regulated profession under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), if applicable;
  11. BI Clearance Certificate; and
  12. Original or certified true copy of Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance, if applicant is a national of any of the countries listed under Annex “A” of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the Philippines on or after June 2014.
  13. Notarized Certification of Number of Foreign and Filipino Employees

Checklist of Documentary Requirements for EACH Dependent

  1. Duly accomplished CGAF for Non-Immigrant Visa;
  2. Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  3. Proof of filiation with the applicant;
  4. BI Clearance Certificate; and
  5. Original or certified true copy of Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance, if applicant is a national of any of the countries listed under Annex “A” of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the Philippines on or after June 2014.


  1. Secure the CGAF and checklist of documentary requirements from either at the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) at G/F BI Main Office or from the official BI Website.
  2. Submit the filled-up application form, applicant’s passport and complete requirements to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) or to the frontline officer or staff of other immigration offices able to process this transaction.
  3. Pay the required fees.
  4. Submit copy of Official Receipt.
  5. Attend hearing.
  6. Proceed to Image and Fingerprint Capturing Counter of the Alien Registration Division (ARD) and submit requirements for ACR I-Card application
  7. Check website if visa application is already approved.
  8. If approved, submit passport for visa implementation.
  9. If ACR I-Card is approved, claim ACR I-Card.


#4. How Much Does it Cost?

1 Year Php10,130.00 Php8,120.00 Php7,870.00 Php7,370.00
2 Years Php17,170.00 Php13,960.00 Php13,710.00 Php13,210.00
3 Years Php24,210.00 Php19,800.00 Php19,550.00 Php19,050.0
Additional Fee for ACR I-Card

1 Year – + US $50

2 Years – + US $100

3 Years – + US $150

 Cost may change without prior notice

Source: Bureau of Immigration

#5. How to start processing your conversion to Pre-arranged Employee Visa (9g) (COMMERCIAL)?

Contact us for a consultation to discuss the details about your non-immigrant visa philippinevisa@clasensolutions.com or by filling in the form below. Our consultants are happy to help you in your inquiry.


We offer a broad and integrated range of consulting services, with departments of the following fields:

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  1. Satvinder chopra January 19, 2019 Reply

    Hi I’m Indian citizen and I want to apply for 9 g visa I’m in Philippines on tourist visa and staying in negross Occidental.
    Can you please send the details of your service and payments

    Thanks and regards
    Satvinder Chopra

  2. Jeff Armstrong February 6, 2019 Reply

    I work online for a company based in the US. I would like to visit the Philippines for an extended period, say 2 or 3 months twice a year. Do I need a work visa to work in the Philippines while I am there?

  3. Dal Han February 17, 2019 Reply

    I want to apply for 9g visa

    • Janette Amahit March 5, 2019 Reply

      Yes you may apply. We can process your 9g visa. What’s your position in the company? You may contact us at 09778064471 for free consultation.

  4. Merly Paray March 20, 2019 Reply

    Hello po may tanung po ako regarding 9Gvisa? Sa mga foreigner po na may business dito president at director po sila ng corporation.9g visa po ba dapat ang visa nila? Every 3months po ung pag visit nila dito sa phils.nagstay lang sila 1-2 weeks lang po sila dito.gusto po ng boss ko maghanap ng mag aayos and how much it cost? Thnk u

    • Janette Amahit April 24, 2019 Reply

      Hi Merly, better to stay in tourist visa kasi kahit kunan natin sila ng visa and they will just for a while hindi rin maari. They need to stay until ma approve ang visa nila. Though maganda sana kasi President sila, wala nang masyadong requirement sa DOLE.

  5. Sean April 21, 2019 Reply

    Please send me an email regarding on the process of getting a 9g visa. I’ll be waiting. Thank you.

    • Janette Amahit April 24, 2019 Reply

      hi Sean, we will surely email you. You may contact us also at 032 4122476 look for mark or +639228411950.

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