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Do you need help in your business bookkeeping here in Cebu Philippines ? Then you just arrived the right company who can help you from all your business bookkeeping services. GET STARTED TODAY!




Clasensolutions is your trusted bookkeeping services here in Cebu Philippines. We are proficient in business process outsourcing and provides all services in all your bookkeeping  , tax return preparation , accounting , payroll , business registration and accounting software.


What is the meaning of bookkeeping ? This means keeping all your records in all your financial affairs for your business. Today standard accounting software is needed to keep truck all your records. Here in clasensolutions your business is at good hand because you are dealing with highly experienced  professionals who could help all your business bookkeeping.


Why choose ClasenSolutions as your Bookkeeping services partner ?

  • Our bookkeeping outsourcing are focus and 100% dedicated to deliver results and agreed outputs.
  • Your business financial information are secured 24/7 in Clasensolutions.
  • We make sure that your books are handled by highly professional and are certified public accountants.
  • We work smart and professional we always updated all accounting standards and tax regulations.
  • We have long years in experience in the marketplace. All our clients are satisfied and we are rapidly increasing every year due to high rate of customer satisfaction.
  • We provide competitive price in the marketplace.


What will i get when i hire Clasensolutions ?

You get peace of mind

  • You will not feel pressure and hassle. Your business grow because we will help you the business transactions are 100% complete and are all properly recorded using the latest accounting standards and following government rules.  

You get business awareness

  • What is business awareness ? Business awareness means that you get all your complete business records and you will know the financial performances specially you are the CEO of the company or the business owner so you can make wise and important decisions for your company growth and expansion.


You save the Cost

  • With Clasensolutions your business accounting will be handled with all professional accountants  with years of experiences in the marketplace.  You will get best output without hiring a full-time accountants. Who are productive and  efficiently working for your business.

You get more time in your business.

  • Preparing all the paper works are really time consuming and overwhelming. In business you hire efficient people so you can be even more productive. By hiring the Clasensolutions our bookkeeping , tax preparation services and accounting will spend more time in your business so that all your goals from A to Z are improved your bottom line. You will have freedom and hassle free because we will make sure that all your employee sorting receipts , filing , preparing for tax returns and waiting in hot and traffic long lines are taken care with us .


Start today! Get hire the clasensolutions team.

Hassle Free and work at peace of mind in your business.






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