Cebu Business Registration


Start-up your business here in Cebu Philippines. We assist you moving in a speed of light to fast truck the process with our best team professionals performance here in clasensolutions. When your business grow and expand you need to take action to register your business. If you don’t know the process or if you have no clue on what to do the process then you need a professional solution provider. Here in Clasen Business Solutions we can help you the process from A to Z at an affordable price both locals and foreigners are same.

This are the following overview 16 steps. We are ready to serve you so you can start your business at a speed of light.

1. First you need to go the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

2. Paid-Up Capital

3. You need a notary public to notarize articles of incorporation and treasurer’s affidavit.

4. After steps 2 and 3, you can register with SEC provided that the name you reserved is still available.

5. Get a business permit application form and community tax certificate (cedula) from the Cebu City Hall representative at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)’s National Economic Research and Business Action Center (NERBAC) or accurately to the Cebu City Hall.

6. Notary public has to notarize the business permit application obtained in step 4.

7. Get a Business Tax Payment Payment Certificate (BTPC) from the Cebu City Hall

8. Your company can already operate once the BTPC is issued

9. Get special books of account

10. Apply for Certificate of Registration (COR) and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) at the BIR.

11. Pay the registration fee and documentary stamp taxes (DST) at the AAB
The company must pay DST on the original issuance of shares of stock.

12. Obtain the authority to print receipts and invoices from the BIR

13. Print receipts and invoices at the BIR accredited print shops

14. Books of accounts and Printer’s Certificate of Delivery (PCD)

15. Register with the Social Security System.

16. Register with Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

17. Register with Home Development Mutual Fund



Get a business permit  here in clasensolutions  we help you speed up the process from A to Z.
We can help you and assist you in all your paper works in your business permit application form.


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