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Clasensolutions Cebu Philippines is one of the best human resources consulting provider of many HR consulting services from different scale from small  to medium and enterprise companies. Our HR consultants can answer all your human resource needs. Think smarter spend more time in your  business productivity and marketing. Our HR department will handle the situation for all your human resources needs to run your business reliable and efficient.

Our organization is all about people — as individuals and as a team.

We offers you the HR, payroll, benefits, training, recruiting and compliance solutions in day to day business.

Get the right  HRIS is very significant. Your company will need to make sure that business customization must run on time without time delay for the grow of the  company to generate more assets.

Small and medium business needs Clasensolutions HRIS  to impact business growth into another level to reach the top performances.

Clasensolutions Cebu is here to help you every step of the way in your HRIS Services.

We value our employees because we know the fact that the heart of the company are the people working for the company success.. Without the professional team, it is hard to expand more and more of the business.

The Clasensolutions gives you the human resource solutions based on individual client needs in their field of performance specially efficiency for long-term strategic benefits.

Our solutions here in Clasensolutions Cebu  – Human Resources Management System delivered an outstanding performances and integrated packages to give clients flexibility.

Clasensolutions Cebu HRIS Services provides a full range of workforce management solutions that help businesses with their most valuable asset.


Five services you get in Cebu HRIS Clasensolutions  

1.) Information of your employee.

You have access to all your employee’s record anytime.

2.)Easy trucking time and attendance.

Easy to use and efficient way to record and manage your employee’s timekeeping.

3.)Trucking the absents.

Get and track sick leaves and vacation leaves of your employee’s anytime.

4.)Vacant and Recruitment Portal

Provides you with your own recruitment portal updates.

5.)On time Payroll

Help you to calculate your employee’s billable hours  and ability to set different payment rules for each employee. This eliminates hassle and human errors.


Clasensolutions Cebu HRIS can help your organization to manage all your recruitment, personnel records, benefits, self service employees, attendance and payroll computation. We love to serve you and expand more of your business. We deliver clients high expectations.


Start today! Tomorrow will never come . . .



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