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Clasensolutions we provide you good quality services for your outsourcing payroll in Cebu Philippines. We know that fact that the employee are your great assets and risk in the company growth. Without leveraging the best brains in your company your business will start to decline or lost profit in the marketplace.  Outstanding best talents attract when they are treated well in the company most specially when it is dealing with the payroll. This is the source of assets to most employee so we make sure they are treated fairly and delivery to time.

When the company delay the payroll of the employee it decline the motivation of your employee not only that it also weaken the organization with negative circle of energy giving them  insignificant of the company and luck of importance because of salary was been delay again and again. This is not professional way to deal with your assets which your people working for you.

Here in Clasensolutions when you outsource your payroll here in Cebu Philippines we work smart and hard so that you can just focus on your business growth and more expansion. Time are really wasted when you do extra energy to do it your self.

The art of delegation state that you must outsource the job work so you can duplicate and work efficiently to the company.

The Clasensolutions is your answer to all your payroll outsourcing  here in Cebu Philippines. We are professional in the payroll outsourcing to your company growth.


This are six key of the success of your employee 

1.)Safeguard Sustainability

2.)Embrace Change and adopt the new trends

3.)Redefine Human Resources and know the battle of talents is very competitive.

4.)Attract and Retain Top Talent to grow the company consistence

5.)Engage Employees to upgrade the skills while delegating new employee

6.) Invest in Leadership thru training and support.



Clasensolutions Outsource Program

The Clasensolutions provide the professional human resources to help your organization more productive in business scale model. Give the employer the satisfaction of health insurances benefits and quality compensation. Rewards for the employee who go extra miles in service and productivity.


Clasensolutions  Recruitment Process Outsourcing

 The war of talents are in the battle today in Cebu Philippines. The more highly skilled and talented the employee the rear you could get them. The value of price of buying the skills are more expensive.  We advices you that please don’t end up getting the ”bad apples ” in the your company. They are toxic and bad for the team building and growth to your business expansion.

Here in Clasensolutions we will assist and partner with you to create an innovative and smart ways of strategy to hire only the best talents in the marketplace. In hiring we carefully screen the candidates before they enter in the organization.


Clasensolutions  Scalable HR Solutions

The HR outsourcing provides back-office support layered of  HR consulting hours to meet your business and financial needs. This involve the  payroll and tax filing, and administrative relief, compliance management.


Clasensolutions   Advisory Program

Enjoy the flexibility of deciding how many HR consulting hours you wish to utilize on a monthly basis. The Advisory Program was formed to provide a good venue for employee input and feedback regarding employee benefits policies. The employees will have the better options of providing feedback anonymously.


Clasensolutions   Management Development

We will help you develop effective leaders and fully equipped to the employment challenges. Having the right leaders raises the quality and productivity throughout your entire organization.

Management must be flexible and focus to get the objective to sustain the growth of the development of  the company.


Why Outsource your HR in Clasensolutions ?

We bringing success to your company 99.9%. The statistics in competitive  market place is so alarming. Your human resources solution is not adequate in the fast changing needs and demand of the war of talents. You will be needing the right people with professional experience to handle and solve each individual of the employee needs and demand.


4 things you get when you outsource your payroll in Clasensolutions

1.) The companies outsource to save money. Companies save the cost can spend other ways to do more productive in the resources.

2.)The companies outsource to focus on more in strategy. Giving the management to do more important task which is the planning and execute of strategies.

3.)The companies outsource to improve compliance. Plenty of requirements and time to do the task in the management payroll. The company must be smart not to waste time and do things that are more in the top priorities so outsourcing is one of the best choose to be productive.


4.) Time savings. Being a business owner consume your time with many responsibilities. Easy and normal responsibilities can be manage easily thru the art of delegation using 3rd party which is the outsourcing company the Clasensolutions. Payroll can really , really consume much of more of your time or effort. Clasensolutions outsourcing payroll allows you to focus on you on business, where your best expertise lies.


For the Small business owners we strongly recommend that you must rather spend valuable time on sales, marketing and technology rather than necessary but tedious administrative functions like weekly payroll. Clasensolutions is one of the best Payroll outsourcing company here in Cebu Philippines.


Get Started today! Grow your business now . . .


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    Kindly send me your proposal for Time and Attendance; and Payroll Services. And handles remittances for SSS, HDMF, Philhealth. Provide web-based portal for on-line services. etc..

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