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Working Visa is needed if you are a foreigner who plan to work in Philippines for at least 1 year. You can apply for a pre-arranged employment  VISA called the 9G visa under the Sec.9(g) in the Philippine Immigration Act.



1.)Who are the people who can apply the 9G Visa  or also known as Working Visa ? You must be a Foreign nationals with a permit of your professional occupation.

2.) Where can I apply for the permit ? Go to BI Main Office or Immigration Offices for the paper legal paper works.  For fast assistance the Clasensolutions are always ready to assist and help you 24/7. Kindly call us and set appointment time.


Below are the following six requirements you will be needing to apply.


  • Write a Letter of request from the petitioning company you are working;
  • Get notarized application form (Form MCL-07-01);
  • Apply of the Alien Employment Permit (AEP);
  • Get clearance certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration also known as (BI);
  • Get a clear photocopy or Xerox of your Authenticated copy of the passport showing current valid date of your visa.
  • Get a Certified true copies of the Marriage Contract, Birth Certificates. Bring also the receipt.

What is SWPs ? This is also know as the Special Work Permit.

When the time you are waiting for the approval process. The foreigner may apply for a Special Work Permit  also known as the (SWP) which is issued for a period of 3 months. Sometimes it will take 4 month if the processing time is slow. While you are waiting for your  9G visa to be approved and released.


SWPs are usually issue. Who are this people ? 

  • They are professional athletes who are visiting and competing only valid for only a limited period of time.
  • They are Foreign nationals who perform emergency services example of this is dental missionary but did not secure a employment visa.
  • They are also professional artists, musicians, and several show performers.


6  procedure that you will be needing:  Kindly read below.

  • Apply for a Secure the Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF) from the Bureau of Immigration;
  • Submit the documents for pre-screening for processing of your paper works;
  • Apply and Secure the Order of Payment Slip (OPS);
  • Prepare for your payment. Pay all required fees;
  • Submit a copy of Official Receipt.
  • Follow-up and claim the approved SWP upon presentation of photocopy of receipts.


If you need legal assistance the clasensolution is your solution provider in all your paper works. Save your time and be more productive. Most of the time the procedure is slow. Your answer for your help and assistance clasensolutions


6 basic requirements for Tourist Visa application.

This are the listing below.  

1.) Bring your Valid passport.

2.) Fill-up Tourist Visa application forms. Double check the spelling and serial number of your passport.

3.) Go to photo center or photoshop for your required VISA photos.

4.) Get a form and apply for a tourist visa application.

5.) Be ready of your other supporting documents this are the following

a. letter form a sponsor
b . medical certificate
c. return tickets
d. travel itinerary
e. proof of income

6.)Interview appointment letter.

( Requirements may vary in each country citizenship but always be prepare ) 


Why hire Clasensolutions for your Philippine Working Visa?

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We are Clasensolutions under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, is a private corporation not affiliated with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

Though most of the forms are available for free or at a lower cost (where applicable) from the government or embassy of the country you would apply for, Clasensolutions offers free assessment for all applicants and they are not obliged to take any of our services.



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  1. mark latham March 12, 2018 Reply

    do they do the 9g in cebu main immigration office or do you have to go to manila to submit ? thanks

    • Janette Amahit March 14, 2018 Reply

      We can apply it here in Cebu immigration. Cebu office will then forward to Manila but the interview will be held here in Cebu.

  2. Floyd Joseph December 5, 2018 Reply

    Hi I’m Floyd Joseph I have studied here in Cebu for 3 years now fresh graduate and I want to work here for only 6 months which working visa is best applicable for me thank you

  3. Chen Wang January 21, 2019 Reply


    My partner and I have our 9g visa approved on 17th-Jan-19 and we are planning to go to Cebu city on 22nd-Jan to stamp our passports.

    My partner needs to leave the country end of February for a seminar abroad. Could you assist us to get our icard in time or apply for a waiver if the icrad is not ready? If so, how much is your service and what documents do we need to bring? Can we make an appointment on 22nd or 23rd Jan?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Chen Wang

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