CBSI offers business and software solutions to organizations and individuals. We use proven, innovative methodologies and technologies to make our clients' operations more efficient, effective and productive.

Since our startup in 2007, we have developed an outstanding customer portfolio and extensive business network. We field a team of seasoned business consultants with specific expertise on management, accounting, sales, marketing, operations, production, online communications and software development.

As our clients grew and diversified, the demand for other professional services grew. Our offerings expanded to accounting software implementation and business process analysis. Other services include visa processing and property title transfer, Bookkeeping & Payroll Outsourcing. To reflect the varied services and solutions we offer, we changed our company’s name in 2015 to Clasen Business Solutions, Inc.

We have now expanded our list of clients based upon quality and customer satisfaction to different firms engaged in BPO manufacturing, retailing, shipping and boatbuilding, real estate, malls, hotels, restaurants, pharmaceuticals and wholesaling.

With an outstanding customer portfolio and business network, Clasen Business Solutions Inc. maintain a work team made up of competent business consultants who are always willing to give the best of services we can provide. 

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Our Expert Advisors

Janette Amahit


 Managing Director 

Jose Benjamin Alvarez, CPA


 Chief Executive Officer 

Atty. Ivy Blanche Lasula, CPA


 Project Manager