What made us unique in Sage Implementation and Training?

We use the project approach to ensure that we can meet the objectives of “on time, on budget and on specs.” This methodology involves the following phases: 

Assessment – determining the gaps in the policies and procedures (Why and What), hardware and software (How) of the Infrastructure and Organization (Who) and the priorities in their improvement. 

Design – designing the proposed system and developing a work Plan.

Implementation – Using a work plan to achieve the objective(s) of the project.

Measurement or Monitoring – Reviewing of the results against objectives and making continuous improvement of the system to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

The criteria used in ranking priorities in our ASSESSMENT will impact on the organization’s operations and processes that could result in financial losses, increase costs and more importantly, affect delivery of services.  The problems or risks were rated as HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW, as defined we will define each rate and will arrive at by the consensus of the assessors. This is to ensure that we are all on the same page when we measure the impact of the problem or issue on the areas examined. 

Our initial quick-and-dirty assessment  involves the review of the three P's of PROCESS (business and management), PRODUCT (hardware and software) and PEOPLE (“soft” and technical skills).  

Our implementer were focus on this OBJECTIVE -  to enhance the reporting of the results of the operations and financial condition in an accurate, timely and meaningful manner for management to make informed decisions. 


"We support and train like no other..."